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Even in internet marketing having the right knowledge is key. Find the Do’s and Don’ts of it all at NahidHasan Blog. Well consistency is key and it starts with you.

7 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Professionals

What have you done TODAY to get a new customer? Or what have you done in the past one week, last month or last quarter? How many content have you created? There are few more questions you should ask yourself before you move forward in content marketing. Customers won’t come automatically; you need to bring [...]

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How to Write Great Content by This 7 Easy Hacks

Once upon a time, there was a boy who thought he had a decent writing skill. He was actually doing good in writing his diary and letters. In fact he wrote the very first poem when he was in class 3. Then someday in later age he had started writing stories as well, but couldn't [...]

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A to Z Resources to Resolve All Your Social Media Marketing Needs

If you are reading this post that means you already know the value of social media in 2017. I assume you already know how it can double or triple your sales by being engaged on social media. But many people have little or no idea that how to get the maximum from it or what [...]

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Is your Website Ready for 2017?

What you have achieved today has been decided by what you did yesterday. What you will get tomorrow will be decided by what you are doing today. So if you want to have a rocking 2017, you need to start right now. You need to analyze your current website and prepare a better plan for [...]

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This White Label SEO Tool Can Increase Your Customer

Do you want to know how I found more than 30 SEO projects by using a white label app this year (2016)? I am sure you don’t know because I haven’t disclosed the secret so far. However, as I have decided to keep my blogging seriously that’s why I felt to share the secret with you. [...]

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6 Proven Methods For Local Business Promotion

What is the goal of business? Goal of business is finding new customer and keeping them in. Profit is the result. Many people think that local businesses especially small businesses have nothing tricky to apply. I have a shop, have products; people will automatically go around it and buy. But that’s not true. Customer doesn’t [...]

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Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

Ever been out during a storm? That’s how tough the business world is! It’s tricky to navigate just like it is tough to drive through a stormy night. But either way, you need to reach your goal – home. In business is to sell, market, and make more clients. There are many tools you could [...]

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3 Odd Reasons behind Google Penalty You Never Thought

Have you noticed that Google is being crazy each year? They are changing their algorithm and making us dance. You will be surprised to know that they change their algorithm around 600 times per year. Here is a list of all major updates they have. Google harms webmaster in two ways. One by algorithmic update and [...]

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Never Ignore This Complete Website Maintenance Checklist

Do you know how many opportunities you are missing out on with your website? Do you know the most possible threats your website has right now? I am asking this question because I have found lots of clients in my last 6 years journey, who don’t have this answer. They have a business website but [...]

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Complete Guide to SEO in 2016

Google changes its algorithm around 600 times per year. Seems disgusting, right! Don’t worry! Not all changes are major. There are lots of minor changes each week. Google changes their algo to ensure better search experience. But in most cases these changes seriously affect many websites. They cause to lost rank and business. It can be yours or [...]

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