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If you are an online entrepreneur, freelancer, or anything related to online world then you already know how difficult and competitive the industry is. This is one of the industries where location and certificate don’t play a vital role. This is the big industry. It doesn’t matter how small the services you are providing as an entrepreneur or freelancer but the true fact is you are competing with the whole world. So Self-confidence is really important to be a successful professional.  No one will believe you unless you believe in yourself first. So the first thing where you have to work out is improving self-confidence.  You need to create a feeling in your mind that Yes I can do it. Yes I can learn new stuff. I can raise myself to the next level. And if you can increase your self-confidence then I can guarantee you that you will find your next journey smoother than ever. Now the question is “How to Increase Self Confidence?” To answer this question below I am going to share few important ways I have learnt in my journey.

1-Repetition and Persistence

Can you still remember how you learnt to write A, B, C, D. Let me remind, it was repetition. All of us didn’t know how to write it. If we can see our first attempt at writing the letter “A” I am pretty sure most of our trials were in no way close to A. But our parents didn’t give up on us. They requested, forced, and motivated us to try again and again. And by this repeated trials we really learnt how to write A B C D.

This is what exactly works for a professional career. No one can complete their entire task at first attempt. But when you will be preparing for repeated attempts then you will be able to see some sort of improvement with every try. You will be able to persist. With every try and every improvement your confidence level will increase, and you can feel that yes I can do it.

2-Follow the Niche Leader

Success can be defined by the sum of improvements. If we look on a successful Entrepreneur we can be happy by seeing their success, or even be envious of their achievements. But we forget to focus on the most important part “How they did it.” We got a person who did the great thing, so it makes the path easier than before, because there is someone who can be followed. So try to figure out what he has done, what he is doing, and what kind of future plan he has. It will not only give you an idea it will also make your path smother. You can make a short list of things to follow and things to avoid. And this short list and their success will increase your confidence that you can do it too.  I am not a big professional to follow but here is a presentation I had created about how I converted my freelancing career to an entrepreneurship.

3-Self Talk

What do you do when you have nothing to do? Or what do you think when you are brushing your teeth, looking in mirror, sitting behind windows? You can convert those free times into a self confidence booster. When you are free you can be more productive. Start self-motivating yourself during these free moments. Start saying out loud what you want to do and what you want to be. Say to yourself “I am the best, Yes I can do it”. If he can do it then I will do it too. If you want to increase your self-confidence you need to remind yourself about your goal. Self-talking can be the best way to create faith in your abilities.

4-Setting Milestones

Dream big but create a set of shorter milestones. If you want to be a developer what kind of things will you need to learn?

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Basic and advance facts of various CMS
  • How Linux or windows hosting server works
  • How DNS works
  • SEO Facts
  • etc etc etc and so on……………………

So it is a clear indication that you are not going to be a developer within one or two days or even in just a couple of months.  But if you feel that things are too complicated then you can be frustrated. You will say “oh shame!  I have been trying hard to be a developer for the last few months but still I was unable to complete any project or even earn any money. ” and that will be the start of losing hope. But if you create a set of milestones, like at first I will learn html, then PHP, then MySQL. Then start learning HTML. Then after a month or two you can say yes I learnt about html now time to move on PHP. By just changing your thoughts you can feel more confident and find the journey enjoyable even though you are doing the same thing. It will not only increase your confidence but will also speed up your effort. It will give you enough satisfaction. So remember you can always have the option to think of the same thing either from a negative and affirmative perspective. But go with affirmative thinking, it will really help you to build your career.

Michelangelo Pistoletto Motivational Speach

5-Motivational Video and Quote

On earth, each and every one is living with lots of problems. You and I cannot run away from it. Lots of social, economic and physical problems are there to disturb us. At the same time we can’t expect that we will not do any mistake.

So with these problems it is very natural and common scenario for us to be frustrated. We can start losing our hope. We can start to feel that we can’t do it. But when we can see that there are some people who have turned the impossible into possible. Who were able to complete the race and win. Then it will put light on our almost dead dream and build our confidence. This is where motivational video works. It will always remind you that nothing is impossible. There were always few people who fight against problems and you can join their team or something bigger than them.

 “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

I still read or memorize the above quote from Theodore Roosevelt specially when I do any mistake and feel frustrated. And this quote plays like a tonic for me to charge up again.


Watching Interviews is a million dollar habit. When you are watching a tutorial or reading a blog post, remember you are only viewing the text or listening to the words the presenter wants to present. But in an interview you can hear what the audience/interview taker wants to hear. So by watching interviews you can discover some unshared tips which can change your overall success rate.  It also helps you to be motivated. To know more about the possible problems and solutions you can face. So watching or reading interviews can be a big way to improve your confidence level.

7- Do Not Accept No

Do not accept no, yes I meant it. When you accept No, at that moment you are killing your dream. You should always have positive thinking. Just think, your child wants to participate in a quiz competition. You are the parent and at the moment he informed you about the competition you are saying you can’t do it? What will happen?  He will lose the speed, spirit, and confidence. It will create a negative effect on their overall preparation. But if you said, oh that’s great; I know you will win it. Then what would happen? He would feel very happy and inspired. So again if you don’t believe in yourself then how can you dream to win the race? If you have a dream then believe yes I can.

I am almost at the end of today’s blog post. Before closing the blog post here is what I want to mention again.

Don’t think about the odds, difficulty and adversity of a task. Just believe in yourself. Just believe that you can accomplish it.


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

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