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What you have achieved today has been decided by what you did yesterday. What you will get tomorrow will be decided by what you are doing today. So if you want to have a rocking 2017, you need to start right now.

You need to analyze your current website and prepare a better plan for 2017. I am writing this post to help you analyze your site, I’m highlighting on what should you check and how you can proceed.

Here are the things you need to check and prepare for an awesome 2017 plan.

Domain Authority

Check your website’s domain authority before moving towards 2017. Domain authority will give you the best idea about your website’s SEO value. So you can make a better plan for 2017.

If you are new with the term Domain authority, it is a value by which we can predict the quality or power of a site. All SEO professionals use this data to measure the strength of a site. It is a number between 1 to 100. Where 100 is the best and 1 is the poorest. Mainly it is calculated by SEO Optimization, age, size, backlinks data etc. of a site. The more positive your site is the more DA you will have. To check your Domain Authority try this tool.

domain authority

Social Presence

Social signals is one of the most important signals for your conversion, SEO rank, and brand value. It is the right time to rethink about your social presence. Do you have sufficient social followers? Are they active? What are you doing to get them, keep them and influence them to get engaged? For social analytics is my recommended tool.

Here are two articles you can read to learn more about social presence.

  1. 4 Ways Social Media Improves Your Site’s SEO
  2. How to Increase Social Shares (Step by Step)


Content Structure

It’s right time to check your content structure and your editorial calendar. Are you creating proper content?

Knock few of your regular visitors or friends. Create a survey on them. Ask their feedback on your content. Their feedback can help you create better content in 2017.

To make survey you can either use Google form or can try Survey Monkey. Both are FREE.

Here you can watch how I use Google form to manage my entire writing team from management and billing point of view.

Website Security and Backup

Don’t forget to take a backup of your website. Although it should be a routine task but there is a chance that you could forget about it since you’re thinking about Christmas and New Year. I want to remind every one of my readers so that they don’t miss it. If you have more than one website, ensure you are taking backup for all, or you can take your entire hosting backup. If you are using WordPress then there are lots of plugin by which you can take daily backup for your website.

My recommended plugin for backup is Backup Buddy.

SEO Audit

Take an SEO audit now so that you can prepare yourself with the audit report and start the New Year journey at the beginning of 2017.

For SEO audit you can simply use Moz to analyze your entire website. If you don’t have Moz access account you can try our FREE SEO Audit Tool. But it can only analyze one specific page instead of entire site. But the data can still be useful.

User Experience

user experience

Whatever you are doing, you are doing it for your visitors. So you need to ensure that you have a positive user experience. So this is the right time to think in this line once again and ensure further positive user experience on 2017.

CRM Integration

If you are dealing with a good amount of customer, you already know how tough it is to manage all of them manually. You need a CRM. If you are already using a CRM then you need to rethink about its efficiency. If you are not using a CMR then I will suggest you start now. Hubspot CRM is one of the recommended CRM. It’s FREE. You can also try Zoho.

Local SEO

If you are running a local business then you need to rethink about Local SEO. Do you have enough citation? Are you influencing your happy customer to leave a feedback on your Google plus business page? If not, think about it now. You can also give them an extra service for leaving a positive feedback on Google plus. Don’t forget, Dropbox and lots of other big brands do it. They give you more space by adding Facebook, by adding referral etc. You get more space with every action they want you to take. It works.

Check how I have increased sales on my local business.

Rethink Your Keywords

As I am a SEO guy, I always recalculate my SEO strategy at the end of every year. You should do the same even if you are not a SEO guy. You need to ask yourself, am I targeting the right keywords? Are there any better keywords I have probably missed? Take another research before the New Year starts.

By working on your competitors you can also get an idea of what new keywords they are targeting and you are missing. To find their keywords you can try SEMrush or Spyfu.

Webmaster Tool and Analytics

Recheck your analytics. Analyze the data to have a better plan in 2017.

What about the bounce rate?

In which pages are you getting most traffic?

What is the best source of your targeted traffic?

… Identify them and create a boosting plan for 2017.

I wish this checklist can really help you to get ready for 2017. Let me know if you have any suggestion or question. Let’s grow together in 2017.

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