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I worked with some biggest brands along with 100 + SMEs


Webbanner24 is a free and online banner making website. This is a web application built on SVG technology. They produce high quality SVG graphics exported as PNG and JPG. You can create banners with countless fonts, cliparts, filters and animations for various purposes including marketing and advertisement.

Our Success:

A huge part Webbanner24’s traffic, members and overall success can be attributed to our top rankings in search engine results. I helped Webbanner24 in selecting appropriate keyword on their website, in optimizing on-page and off-page SEO and maintaining their blog. They ranked for about 15 keywords on first page of most search engines.

Tara Massage Therapy

In 2012, Tara Massage was established and quickly gained a reputation for its quality of services. Their therapists are well qualified, experienced and customer focused. They are also well trained to modify the therapies to best cater for your needs. For regular clients Tara Massage is able to design a program of therapy aimed at achieving and maintaining ongoing health improvements.

Our Success:

While working with Tara Massage I managed to redesign their website for better conversion. I made use of the best and most appropriate keyword selection, and left them with ideal On-page optimization. Today Tara Massage ranks first on the Google Search Results – that’s not bad for any ideal SEO fix I guess? Try searching them out and find out for yourself how ideal my work has been with them.

Dispensary Expert

The Dispensary Experts is a group of highly successful marijuana dispensary owners that believe people should have access to every piece of dispensary ownership information. They often convene to explore better ways in which the use of recreational marijuana can be improved. They work together with ideal organizations among them Alliance For Responsible Medicinal Access to help people to get approved for this business niche. They have come up with hosts of templates, guides, and information packs to do so.

Our Success:

I made use of the most popular keywords selection on their website for ideal On-page optimization. “How To Open A Dispensary” this is one of the most popular keyword selection that I worked with and made first in Google ranking. I also worked with over 30 similar keywords and ranked 1 to 3 positions on first page. Today Dispensary expert ranks first on the Google Search Results.


Aussyello is an online shop for every Elo gamer to buy their League of Legends accounts. Anyone who needs a smurf for any reason can count on Aussyello. All their accounts are leveled in ARAM/ Co-op Vs AI. The leveling is done by professional experts and customized in your own standards. The accounts come in fresh packages with enough IP to allow you buy your first 16 champions and runes.

Our Success:

I managed to find out technical SEO issues with their website for better conversion. I made use of most searchable keywords on their website and left them with ideal On-page optimization. Now they rank first on the Google Search Results.


Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos. Proko believe that if you have fun and enjoy the learning process, you’ll learn better. It offers many courses designed to give you a detailed understanding of a specific subject. It hosts a lot of free YouTube videos. The courses are downloadable, including videos, plenty of assignment demos and examples, eBooks, critique videos and 3D models.

Our Success:

When I started working with Proko it was a mare startup project. I supervised the whole on-page SEO, off-page SEO and content marketing. Finally they were ranked on first page for about 20 keywords. Today they rank first for most of the searched keywords on drawing.