Hi, I am NAHID

I have been helping business gets more RANK, TRAFFIC & SALES over the last 10 YEARS.

What I do

I Coach.

I guide people to succeed in their business. I teach from my life and work experience, which might help overcome your career difficulties.

I Speak.

I speak in many public events where I share my experience with others. Events help me to join with many people and business opportunities to grow together.

I Write.

I love to write on my blog to help and motivate others. Also, I am often ghostwriting in many popular platforms to share ideas about digital marketing.

Need advice?

Do you need help to develop your business? Let’s talk and proceed to grow together.

My Courses (We Make Pro)

I established an online learning platform called We Make Pro, where I shared a course relates to digital marketing. Not only me but other experts from their specific field contributes here.

"Nahid was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with again in the future. He continually provides me with updates and answers all of my questions very quickly. I recommend him to anyone looking for an expert in SEO.”
- Jordan Kircher
“Nahid is really an experienced SEO developer. The website received a lot of traffic and the Google page rank increased due to his work. Stuck to deadlines and gave clear reports each month.”
– Alexander Ulrich
“Nahid built our brand. He knows SEO, networking, and more importantly how to communicate with people. He finds links through reverse engineering competitor link profiles, and finds new links that the competition could never dream.”
– Stan Prokopenko

My story

Nahid Hasan – Founder of Bizcope, an SEO and Web Development Firm.

I’m Nahid, your SEO and Internet Marketing Consultant. Since 2010, I am helping people to earn more money by increasing their online presence. I helped many small businesses transform into niche dominators by raising their SEO / SERP ranks and Social presence. I also helped them in creating linkable assets.

I am working with one of the leading Fintech companies from the US called “Payoneer” as their country representative in Bangladesh. I am also consulting some prominent local and international brands like rokomari.com.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.