7 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Professionals

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What have you done TODAY to get a new customer?

Or what have you done in the past one week, last month or last quarter?

How many content have you created?

There are few more questions you should ask yourself before you move forward in content marketing. Customers won’t come automatically; you need to bring them in with your content marketing strategy. You need to take the first step.

The people that take the first initiative are the smartest on the earth. You can be one of them.

Let me share 7 advance and actionable content marketing tips which worked for me, my clients and my competitors and those that will work for you as well.

1# Invest More time on Content Creation than Engaging on Other Contents

The basic procedure of content marketing is writing and posting, engage with others by commenting on their posts in their blog and social channels. All of these tasks actually help you get more leads and sales. It helps get more visibility on web.

But problem arrives when we invest most of our time on social media engagements instead of producing own content. Whenever we are engaging, people become curious on us. They visit our website to get more idea about us. But if we are producing less content, that means we are giving our visitors less resources.

At the end, we are getting less conversion.

So the process should be investing more time on content creation and our own resource and invest the rest on engagements to drive traffic.

Creating more content is a challenge, because it requires lots of time. But knowing what I do, there are a few tools that can help us save some time and build an effective content marketing strategy.

For example,

  • You can use canva for image related content. Or even for infographs.
  • Use pictochart for inforgraphs
  • Use animoto for creating short and simple video in less cost
  • Use Hemingway to make your article more readable
  • Use buzzsumo to get the best ides about popular content

Here is a complete list I have created for you on Social Media Marketing Resources.

2# Share Your Content More Than Once

Sharing same content again and again is kind of irritating for your followers. But sharing content more than once will give you more traffic and sale. You need to be tricky in sharing same content again and again.

At first, create a sharing calendar. Decide how many times you want to share and when.

For example, I share my content through my facebook profile and few other social channels immediately after producing the content.

I share the same content through my facebook page a day after.

Then I share the same content at the end of the month. This time I share a batch of articles I have produced throughout the month.

And I share the same content again a month later and followed by three months later.

Each time I use different text. So it looks fresh even for the follower who previously read it. It doesn’t irritate them.

The types of text I use during sharing my blog posts.

  • Quote (Content is anything that adds value to the readers life. Let me show how you can get the maximum value from it).
  • Stats (Each passing minute 1400 new blog posts are being published. How do you make your post different from them?)
  • Questions (Are you getting maximum value from your content? Check this article to discover it.)
  • Few important lines from the blog post itself
  • A small summary

3# Sum up Your Old Content:

Each minute there are 1400 new blog post being published. 72 hours of new video is uploading each minute. Google receives over 4,000,000 searches each minute. Can you imagine how many contents are being producing every day, week, month and year?

Still you can dominate the web if you know what readers want and how algorithm works in different social channels. People are now overwhelming with information. That’s why bloggers are producing long length content and it is getting good rank. Long length content helps our readers better understand the content. The only problem with long length content is maintaining the flow.

So it can be a wise decision to sum up the content in some parts of your post. The formula works same in social networks, emails, and in other formats.

4# Focus more than one channel

Facebook has 1871 million active users (Till January 2017). Instagram has 600 million and linkedin has 106 million. They are huge right? That means these channels can produce lots of engagements and can drive lots of traffics.

But what about the competition? Big brands usually target big channels with their big budget and small businesses struggle and become frustrated.

Here, a small channel like triberr can help you. I have got a good amount of leads and customers from this channel. It was small when I was very active on this channel and has pulled more and more attraction each day.

So the content marketing tricks for this stage is to discover few less popular social channels where we can find our target customers. Then we need to identify their algorithm and system of engagements. Then need to produce content and engagements to collect leads.

5# Try different Things

If we can identify what successful professionals do and do the same things too, we will have same result. This is known as the law of cause and effect. But it is also true that lots of scopes are there which hasn’t been discovered yet. Our thoughts are changing each day and tools are changing too so that our purchasing habits are being changed each day too. People don’t think the exact same way people were thinking a decade earlier.

So as a marketer or entrepreneur, we must try different things. We need to make it our habit. By trying different things we can get different results.

Many businesses that took advantage of Facebook live chats when it was introduced are doing great. They were the leader. Then they showed how effective it is and other brands followed them. You will have same option too. Just try something different that haven’t been applied by your competitors.

6# Use hashtag

Though it’s an old content marketing concept, it is still effective. Many people only use hashtag which are very popular. But using some different hashtag can help you being different and identical. It can show your brands uniqueness. In my local community I use a hashtag #GrowWithNahid which helped me get more viral and popular. This single hashtag gives a message to my followers that the content has something for them to grow. This single hashtag along with my content helped me get over 10 projects in less than two months including few big corporate projects.

7# Present Your Content in a customized layout

Can you remember how many blog posts are being published each minute?

It is 1400.

But your brand needs to be little different in its outlook. It needs to be identifiable. To make it unique you can follow your own style. It can be a different feature image, can be hashtag, can be a motto or even brand color. Just follow one single thing with consistency, so it can be injected on your readers mind. If you are able to do so, you are doing it right as a brand.

  • It can be an audio visual
  • It can be a hashtag
  • It can be a symbol
  • It can be a brand Color
  • It can be a slogan
  • Or anything, just need to be simple, identical and consistent.

Try the above mentioned formula and get the maximum benefits from your content marketing. If you are still confused how to proceed, you can contact me and I will arrange a free consultation with you.

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