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I help people earn more money by growing their businesses. For the last 10+ years I helped lots of small businesses transform into niche dominators by providing SEO and Inbound Marketing Solutions. Most of my clients are from USA, UK, Australia and Canada. But I have also good reputation in Digital Marketing in Bangladesh. In my 10+ years professional journey I have worked with more than 500 businesses of different sizes and niches.

I have a small team and small workstation with 24 experienced professionals. And I am proud to be the head of the team. So, most of my time I spend to develop our SEO and inbound marketing skills as well as to develop our loving company Bizcope.

Outside of work, I love to taste different foods and visit various location including countryside and abroad. I believe on creative work more than hard-work, that’s why refreshness and work are equally important to me. 

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