Check Google Ranking with These 7 Incredible Tools

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Do you really check your keywords ranking position every week or month? If you are not tracking it, you are definitely loosing many opportunities. In other words, I can say that you may fall in difficulty.

Even few years ago SEO was kind of win or not win thing – nothing to lose from it. Good SEO campaign helped in ranking and bad SEO didn’t hamper your website.  But now good SEO helps in ranking and bad SEO causes Google penalization.

That’s why you should have a solid eye on your analytic, webmaster tool and rank status. You can check your rank manually or can use any free or paid tool. For smaller site with a few keywords can be tracked manually. But for larger website with large keyword list you need to focus on these online marketing tools.

Don’t forget, Time is Money. 

Here are Top 7 Tools to Check Google Ranking

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1# Wincher

This is the tool I use and like mostly. I love this tool because it’s very clean and provide comparatively accurate data. It also use incognito browser to avoid personalized report. It is a cloud based solution. You can use this tool free for one project. In free version, it provides weekly ranking data with their progress statistics. For paid member it provides daily ranking progress data.

Google Rank Tracker - WIncherYou can track country wise ranking data if you want. But each country will treat as a new campaign.

You can also add competitors to track their ranking data and compare your campaign with them.

2# SERP Lab

This is another tool I love to recommend. It has almost all pro features for you at free of cost. You can add multiple projects and unlimited keywords. They are running their beta version, so they kept everything free.

You can check daily ranking progress and ranking summary. The format is good and easy to understand. You can also download the report in CVS format.Rank Tracker - SERPLAB

3# Rank Tracker (SEO Power Suite)

SEO Power Suite is one of the popular SEO software. It has a good auditor, link analysis and rank tracking tool. Most importantly it has 4 free tools to use for free with limited features. But personally I don’t use it, because all the tools are desktop based. That means you will have to install their tools and needs to run from your desktop.

Rank tracker from SEO power suite allows you to check ranking for different countries. In Free version, it only tracks up to top 10 pages (top 100 results). But if you have a larger list of keywords then I will not suggest you to check all of them at once. It can temporary block your Google search ability for accessing query within short amount of time.

4# Moz

Moz rank tracker is for their paid subscriber. So you can’t use it unless you have premium subscription. Their subscription starts with $99/month. Though I am a big fan of Moz and using it for last few years but still I am not fully satisfied with its rank tracker. The thing I like about this tracker is that it can track Keywords for specific location or even for specific cities. But the problem with it is, it can track only top 5 pages. So any keyword ranking over 5 pages can’t be tracked. It tracks keywords weekly and it sends ranking update through email. You can also check it anytime by login to your moz campaign.Check Google Ranking Moz

5# Authority Labs

This is another paid tool that charges around $50 to track 250 keywords. You can track up to 50 websites. They also track keywords as anonymous. So no personal result will be disclosed. You can try the 30 days free trial before upgrading your plan. But remember it doesn’t have any free membership, so if you can’t afford, then you can go with any free tools I have mentioned above.

6# Pro Rank Tracker

It has some awesome features along with regular rank tracking features. You can update an additional manual rank report each day if you need. It also provides white level PDF report so you can send the rank update to your clients. Pro rank tracker has a free membership with limited features. And you can track up to 20 keywords with this free plan.

7# Long Tail Pro

Long tail pro is the most popular tool for affiliate marketers. Internet Marketing service providers also use this tool for extensive keyword research. This tool also has a free rank tracking option. You can easily track your ranks with this tool.

If you are running any SEO analytic tool it should have a rank tracking feature. But if you are not running any SEO analytic software then I will recommend you to use any one of them. My most recommended tool will be Wincher and SERPLab. You can also try long tail pro too.

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