First Ever Initial Public Offering in Tech Companies of Bangladesh

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e-generation IPO process

For business entities expanding the business on a large scale they need to expand their business also in the stock market as a public limited company. Keeping that in mind, Private limited companies tend to enter the stock market for growth in the market. Not only are they just entering the market, they are actually controlling the stock market.

Why Public Limited Companies?

In cases of public limited companies, the ownership of a company does not just limit in the hands of a bunch of people but a lot of people can be the owners. Being a public limited company, the companies get a lot of investment from public individuals and they can spend those investments for improving their market strategies and their infrastructure, research and manpower. With all these the company gets into a new level of business. Since, in a broad sense we can say ‘the more you invest the more you profit’ the public limited companies get a big amount of investment and the outcome is big too. Being a public limited company a company’s acceptance increases and that it makes the bank loan procedures and public Bond produce easier. When a company gets into the stock market with a big amount of investment that creates a lot of employment opportunities, infrastructural development and new opportunities for non-academic research. Public gets this advantage from that company and not just in these terms being the shareholder of the company they also get economic profit. A business starts with a little startup and little by little it goes and the final step is establishing that company into a public limited.

Public Limited Tech Giants


Technology service companies will be playing the leading role in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. The speed and the way technology companies are improving and expanding their business is really dynamic and vivid. The services and the products without which we can’t even think of life like Apple, Google Facebook, Microsoft, Uber are technology companies. Market giants Amazon and recently publicly entered Alibaba group are leading their business as a public entity these days.

When IT companies are actually leading in western stock markets the Asian technology companies are way behind the race in their local stock markets. In the United States of America there is a term Bigtech’ for technology giants which are Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Also, Microsoft, Uber, Intel, IBM, Dell are technology Giants in the US. they are not just leading the economy of the United States, they are shaping the markets of the whole world.

Step Towards Public Limited and IPOs


When a company wants to enter the stock market and be a public limited company, they have to maintain some process in steps. The first step is IPO. Which is called the initial public offering. A company needs to offer an initial public offer through the stock market and broker companies to invite investors to buy their shares and be a part of the company. They divide the shares into smaller portions and sell them. Since maintaining IPO process private limited companies turn into public limited companies, IPO is really important in terms of market and share.

How IPO Enhances Tech Business


The next world is going to be a technology world and it’s true that investment is the prerequisite of development. So, investment in technology sectors is way more important than we think. The way to get more investment into your company is to raise Initial Public Offering. Nowadays, every company’s dream is to enlist as a public limited company for vast investments and profit. That is why it was a breakthrough on 19 September 2014, when Alibaba’s initial public offering (IPO) raised US$25 billion, giving the company a market value of US$231 billion and, by far, then the largest IPO in world history.

Outside of the United States in Europe the public limited companies have enhanced. Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen Group, Auto & Truck Manufacturers, HSBC Holdings, Allianz, BP Operations, Total France, Santander, BNP Paribas are trending tech companies of Europe. The companies Tata Consultancy service, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Wipro Limited, Redington India Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd, Mphasis Ltd are the biggest IT companies of India and are also making devastating progress in technology and in business. The scenario is the same in China, Middle East and East Asian countries. Their IT companies are keeping business hand in hand.

Tech Companies IPO Scenario in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh, there is still no company from the IT sector in the stock market. And for this reason, local market and Bangladesh is not still open for non-academic technology research, the economic exchange is slow in terms of tech and there is still not any big opportunity for technology-based employment.

But a Bangladeshi Company, ‘eGeneration’ is going to unveil a big milestone in the business and technology sector. eGeneration Company is currently one of the top software solution companies in Bangladesh whose goal is to transform Bangladesh into an innovative high-tech country. eGeneration IPO will soon be released in the stock market. Through stock exchanges and broker companies, people will enjoy the ownership and partnership of eGeneration company. As the company develops, the people will be benefitted from directly, economically, and indirectly, in terms of employment, innovation, technology development.

Bangladesh’s position in innovation, education, and technology index is lower not only in the world but also in Asia. One of the reasons for this is our lack of investment and reluctance to invest in the technology sector. eGeneration IPO will create opportunities for public investment in the technology sector for the first time in Bangladesh. It is going to create a new history of investment and technology in Bangladesh. It is hoped that not only eGeneration company, but other companies in Bangladesh will also contribute to the country’s development by establishing their business as a public limited company. Not only the United States, United Kingdom, India or China, Bangladesh will be able to play a local role in world leadership by keeping pace with economic development and technological advancement.

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