How to Wish Your Client A Happy New Year and Bring Them Back

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If you are running a business you already know that this is the era of relationship selling. You know that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers. In business your role is to hold them for a long time. Work hard to provide them with great service so that they recommend you to their friends.

But remember your competitors are also thinking the same way. They are trying the same things. Then how you can beat them?

Simply, think different. Take extra steps so that you can always go ahead.

As I said, in business whatever we will do should be in order to meet the satisfaction of our customers. We need to give them a feel that they are special to us.

In this post I will share few different way you can wish your customers.

Write a Personalized Email Instead of an Email Template:

At any kind of event, we wish our clients through email because it is the easiest and effective tool. But in most cases we use pre made email template. It’s not bad. But this kind of email doesn’t grab the attention of your customer, or it doesn’t make them feel special.

So I suggest you to create some personalized email. If you are dealing with fewer clients, than it’s not that hard thing. You can write anything you want. You can check one of my personal email examples here.

Hi ….., I was wondering if you know tomorrow is New Year. lol, I was kidding! Anyway, how are you doing and what’s the plan for New Year? Hope you have a solid New Year plan with your kids and husband. I wish you and your family a wonderful new year. Convey my love to them and thanks again for keeping trust in Bizcope. 

I have some chocolate for your kids, let me know how to send them.

Nahid Hasan
CEO, Bizcope

You need to write email in different approaches. It dependson your current relationship with them. Also you need to take consideration of client status, for example if he is your existing or previous client? You need to create different emails for different conditions.

Let me show you how to do that.

Segment Your Customers in Few Groups. For example

  • Their Name.
  • Last Purchased Date / Year.
  • Last Purchased Products Name.

Now build emails to target each segment. You can write something similar,

Hi “Customers Name”

You may forget when you last purchased from us but we didn’t. You are always special to us. We still remember that the last thing you bought from us was “Product Name” at “Purchased Date”.

I am writing this email to wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments. May 2017 be your best year yet!

By the way, do you know we have a special offer just for you. Then describe the offer……

Nahid Hasan
CEO, Bizcope.

Send a Gift:

Let me tell you a story. There was a US firm that used to send birth day gift card to all their past customers. All they wanted to ensure that their old customer remember them. The firm knew that a good amount of their customers or their friends and relatives may need similar service they offer. So whenever those people are in need of that service, the first name comes to their mind will be that firm. So this is a continuous effort and it works very fine. Everyone loves to get gift.

If you are running a local business you can think about some affordable gift items. Balloon or chocolate can be good choice if you are dealing with female and kids. You can choose whatever suits with your business or whatever you can afford. But sending gift works very fine.

In online sector you are lucky. You don’t need to produce gift for every guest. You can create small tools, resource or tutorial as digital product. If you can’t create by yourself, you can try to find tools and resource online which can help your customer grow further. It works very fine in B2B business. I always share some free resource to my client that can add value to their business.

So you just need to write a personalized email for New Year wish and then need to send that free gift to your customers. It will create some possibilities to think and talk about your business to their friends and family.

Send a Discount Coupon:

special offer

Everyone wants to get discount. So you can target this opportunity. This trick is more effective for past clients than the existing ones. But the existing clients can be convinced for cross selling or upselling.

Again, in business our main goal is to get customer and hold them in a cost saving way. Profit is the automatic result.

Create a Video:

This can be the best approach among all that I have discussed in this post. Video always increase the trust. It could be somewhat difficult to create videos but if you can take the challenge you are going to send the best wishes for your customers.

This could be much easier than what you have thought. You can just use your mobile device. If you can manage adequate light facility the video quality should be excellent. I use my mobile to capture professional video and it works fine.

Even you can create awesome videos by still pictures. You can simply print out your wishes, capture photos from different angel and add them in a video editing tool (Windows Movie Maker, Filmora). Finally add sound and it’s done.

Here is the Victory Day Video that we have created by using the mentioned tools and concept. (The video content is in Bangla. You may not understand if you belong to any other language but you can grasp concept).

You can also buy small videos on fiverr. It cost you around $50. (For simple video).

I have tried all these four tricks and it helped me to bring my old clients back. As you know in B2B, January month is an important month, because most businesses start their new journey in New Year. So you have to be the first one to bring them back.

Let me know if you have any other tricks in your brain, I will love to learn from you as well.

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