Mentoring Experience on Affiliate Bootcamp BD

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Being an affiliate marketer since 2010, I was very excited to get chance to share my experience with the newbie. I think all other mentors also have similar experience.  Participants were very excited and come up with lots of question during panel discussion and all other sections.

The event was started with a panel discussion in 10th October. I was one of the 5 mentors. The rest of the mentors were Abul Kashem from Xponentweb, Al-Amin Kabir from Marketever, Taher Chowdhury Sumon from DevsTeam, Younus Ali Sakib. There are lots of associate mentors and few of them I can remember are Sany Ahmed from eWebicon, Mahbub Piyal, Raaz Bhuiyan and few more.Affiliate Bootcamp

In this bootcamp we mainly focused on Amazon affiliation. Before the bootcamp we took several webiner classes, so that they can get prepared with the real journey. The newbie would otherwise get confused with the SEO and other relevant terms. In my webiner I tried to teach them, how to build quality backlinks.

At the second day of the bootcamp I had a 40 minutes session to give a speech on Guest Posting Opportunity for niche site. It was a great experience for me.

Nahid-Hasan-in-Affiliate-BootcampHere are some key things to highlight for newbie

  • Focus most of your time finding ‘keywords with less competition’ and relatively big opportunities.
  • Check 5-10 competitors website to identify what they are doing, their site structure, product list and web content. You can also find their keyword list by any premium tool like ahrefs / opensiteexplorer.
  • Add your keywords to your website.
  • Use wordpress for creating your website.
  • Don’t make your websites look messy, make it as clean as possible.
  • Make sure you are using quality image. If you don’t have that skill use canva, it’s simply awesome.
  • Create a comparable chart if possible. It helps increase conversion rate. Table press plugin can help you.
  • Learn how to create quality backlinks. Remember, it’s not that easy and you can’t learn it by one or two days. But important thing is you need to start. (Tips: Recruit an experienced SEO firm if you have budget. This will speed up your journey and ensure that you are on right track.)
  • Keep eyes on analytic and webmaster tool.
  • Track their ranking by any of these 7 tools.
  • Focus on Social Media.

I found many people who started their journey, built their team and doing hard work. Few of them are really on right track. Success is just on the way for them. Wishing best luck to all of them.

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