Never Ignore This Complete Website Maintenance Checklist

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Do you know how many opportunities you are missing out on with your website?

Do you know the most possible threats your website has right now?

I am asking this question because I have found lots of clients in my last 6 years journey, who don’t have this answer. They have a business website but they did nothing to make it secure. At the end, they lost their site either by hacking activities or by being crushed with any script.

At the same time, I have found lots of clients who are not familiar with Google webmaster tools. They didn’t try Google analytic and didn’t ever check how their website is performing.

This is what inspires me to create a checklist for every site owner, even new or old. So they can have a look at it and find what they might have missed. Mostly I will focus on WordPress but this checklist will also help in other CMS.

1. Change Your Default ID and Password

Whatever you are doing, you should have enough focus on your website’s security issue. Your website should be hosted on a good web hosting server. A good server is the first kit for your safety. A good server always cares about security and customer relationship. Here are a couple of good hosting servers you can try.

But just choosing a good hosting server is not all about. You need to be careful from your end as well. You need to ensure that your PC is protected and your password is tough to crack.

Almost every wordpress site’s username is admin. If I know it, that means others also know it. So one of the two things (username and password) has already been disclosed. Now the question is password. Most of the people use password like 123456. Some goes with default password they have generated while setting up the CMS. This is one of the main reasons your site may be hacked. So make sure, you are not using default username and easy password. Select a complicated one and change it often.

Here is a site to generate strong password.

2. Create an Auto Backup System

As an online professional, I know how tough it is to multitask. I guess you are in same condition. For multitasking purposes, we always forget to work on few important parts like taking a backup of our website. That’s why I always suggest that people should use an automated option. Either choose a tool which can do it for you or choose a website maintenance firm who will take care of everything on your behalf. In most cases It will cost just around $24/month.

You should not compromise with your website’s security. 

3. Add Your Site to Google Analytic

Now make sure you have added your website on Google analytic. Google analytic is the best free analytic tool which provides almost all needed data a webmaster needs. Some professionals may use some other pro tools, but still Google analytic is the free and the most used tool.

Here is how to add your wordpress website on Google analytic tool within a min.

4. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

If you are done with Google analytic, then it’s time to add your website to Google Search Console. This tool is another most needed tool for a webmaster. Through this tool, a webmaster can contact with Google and check their analytics and other technical data. Webmaster can submit sitemap, check their backlinks profile and many more features are there. If you are not a technical guy, no problem. Search console is very easy to use and understand.

You can add your site to Google search console by various ways. By adding codes, html file, by verifying your domain ownership or even with your analytic script.

Remember, when adding your site to webmaster tool, you need to add both versions. WWW and non WWW.

Here is a video you can check to learn, how to add your website to webmaster tool

5. Social Sharing Button

74% of online adults use social networking site, as of January 2014. So you can easily identify how important social media is. Now let me show you exactly how social media can help you

  1. By increasing referral traffic and leads
  2. By increasing your brand visibility
  3. By increasing your Search Engine Rank. (learn how)

So if you want to get all these benefits you need to have a clear plan and system to increase your social shares. For the people who landed on your webpage, you need to influence them to share your content on social media. That is where the social sharing button came from. Social sharing button allows you to share content by just a couple of clicks.

Here is an article through which you can learn How to increase social shares (Step by Step).

Here is couple of popular social sharing plugin for you.

6. Akismet Plugin (WordPress)

Comment spamming is one of the most irritating problems for webmaster. Lots of boots and human spammers are there to kill your valuable time. I still remember, I had to pass lots of my time by deleting spammy comment. But these days, I don’t have to use a single minute of my time on this task. Akismet plugin does the job for me. And it’s free.

7. Check its Mobile Responsive Issue

The last state I can remember was from Nielsen. As of February 2012, around 50% mobile subscribers owned a smartphone. That means visitors from mobile devices could double this year. Google also had a mobile friendly label for mobile search. So you need to think about your website and ask, Is my site mobile friendly?

To check: Try this Tool

If it’s not mobile friendly then make it mobile friendly asap. It can harm your SEO ranking. You can contact me and our team can make it responsive by 72 hours.

8. Create a List of Popular Social Networking sites

Your business success will depend on your content creation and your promotional ability. If you are running a small business and want to promote your business yourself, then remember, social media is the best weapon to start with. Create a list of social networking sites where you can concentrate. But make sure your target audiences are available on that network.

Here is a list you can check, but this list is not all about. I am preparing a better list for you, just follow me on facebook to get update on it.

9. Create Facebook Page

Nahid Hasan Facebook Cover Photo

While search engine can send you targeted traffic, Social media can help you bring more viral and brandbale. That’s why each and every business owner is now focusing on social media presense. And Facebook is the biggest social media platform. So make sure you are creating a business page on Facebook and that you are using a personal profile.

The major difference between personal profile and business page is functionality. Business page can be promoted through paid campaign. You can run several ad campaign including retargeting.

10. Create Youtube Channel

Another growing platform is Youtube. People now don’t only want to read, they want to get video tutorials. It saves their time and they enjoy watching videos. So if you are planning for long term business, then you must have a Youtube channel. I know it’s a tough job creating a video but after trying a few times, you will be used to it and could produce awesome video.

Do you have any tips or insights to add? 

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