The Introduction to READ THE WEEK

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As an internet marketer since 2010 I have been reading many books and blog posts, watching videos, listening to hundreds of podcasts and many more. I know how important it is to keep myself updated. But the fact is that not all posts are worth reading. Finding the best peace of content requires time and patience. Your regular work stress will not allow you to read articles daily. People often get stuck with your Facebook and twitter feeds because of shared contents and you can easily get confused which one to read and which one to avoid. I know all of these just because I face it daily. But my team members are lucky because they get screened articles that I share with them. They read them and keep themselves updated. It ensures that our clients get the best service from us.

How You May Also Benefit

I decided to do the same thing for you as I do for my team so as to save you time and stress. I will help you get all weekly screened articles in one place so you can read these cool stuffs whenever you want. You don’t need to visit here and there to check what’s new. I will do the task for you and you just need to follow me 🙂


I think you have already got some idea about READ THE WEEK. “Read the Week” will be a part of my blog which will list all awesome articles published on SEO and Internet Marketing week by week. I will only talk about the articles which have some positive and negative impact on my business. And I am confident that those articles will also help you grow your online business, no doubt.

This is not a Traditional Content Curation Service, this is more personalized with my own experience. 


1# The first way it helps you is in finding all great article in one place. So you can stay relaxed. You don’t need to visit different blogs to find news update that affects your internet marketing. Just focus on one single platform to get all Internet Marketing Related stuff.

2# Just one bookmark can help you deliver lots of articles that are worth reading 🙂 So just bookmark my READ THE WEEK page and get all needed resource on your desktop and mobile device. I am creating an app so you can get it to your pocket, awesome!

3# The third way it helps you is to scrutinize my personal experience. I will share how those blogs I listed there have helped me. Getting personal experience always helps in creating an effective marketing strategy.

4# By creating a weekly schedule of just a couple of hours is enough to read some awesome post. So you don’t need to manage time daily or don’t need to involve in multitasking. Just create some time for reading by making a to-do-list, and in the rest of the week you can work on it. I am sure this approach will increase your productivity.

There are some other benefits but these are the four primary benefits I mentioned. And since it’s just an announcement, I am not going to write more to make it complicated. I am very excited to start the new journey, so see you this Saturday with the First Episode of READ THE WEEK.

Stay with me, I will do the hardwork for you because I love reading, executing, writing and sharing 🙂

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