What Large Businesses Do and We Don’t

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We always expect to get the best but in reality we don’t do our best.  We don’t do the home work and don’t do the hard work.  Even sometimes we lose our concentration in the middle. Actually all this happen for the limitations we have. In small business, limitations are everywhere. But still we have no option to give excuse; we just need to do the home work so we can know our plan and strategy. And then need to do the hard work to execute our plan. Today I am going to write about some most important parts all Large Author sites do but in small business we don’t.


Better Marketing campaign somehow depends on consistency. Large business always focuses on consistency.  They produce new advertisement concept for all advertising channels. They produce new content to keep consistency for their blogging/content channels. Even sometimes they produce controversy to be highlighted on various media. But in small business we have lack of budget and professionals to work on all channels. Sometimes we have limited idea too. In reality we should focus on it as much as we can even if we are running a small business. We should try to find a solution within our capability. Excuse will not change our business; we have to take required action to bring our business to the next level.


It is very important to know our customers psychology, their demands, liking and disliking. Without having clear idea on these, we can’t serve better product or service to them. Large business always involves in various surveys to identify various factors. But most of the time small business owner like me avoids this part. But to run a successful marketing campaign survey plays a key role.

What Large Businesses Do and We don’t

Video Marketing

People love video and image. If you do some research on social media then you will find video and image content get maximum engagements. A video can explain lots of things in a short period of time.  This is why video marketing demand is increasing day by day. But the drawbacks are, it requires some additional skills, money and efforts. This is why small business owner stay away from video marketing and at the end they are just loosing lots of business opportunities.

Organized Follow-up

Repeated sales are one of the key roles of being success in Business. All the large business has very clear and effective strategy to follow up with their old customers to bring them back for product renewal /new product or service purchase.  Sometimes they offer free products, sometime discounts and many more. All of these are to motivate their old customers to buy a new one. These are the marketing tricks. On the other hand, most of the small businesses don’t give enough importance on this important marketing approach.

Offline Link building

Most of the small business owner just focuses on online campaign. They always stay busy to work on link building, directory submission, Social shares, craigslist, and forums. They invest a good amount of money for buying links, ad space etc. All these parts are important. Some helps with SEO. Some helps in getting direct traffic and leads. But large business also invests for Offline Link Building. Offline Link Building gives them traffic and Links for additional SEO advantages.

I know as a small business owner it is difficult to work on all these parts I have mentioned above. But in reality these are few of the differences between large and small businesses marketing campaign.

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