This White Label SEO Tool Can Increase Your Customer

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Do you want to know how I found more than 30 SEO projects by using a white label app this year (2016)? I am sure you don’t know because I haven’t disclosed the secret so far. However, as I have decided to keep my blogging seriously that’s why I felt to share the secret with you.

Well, I was in need of linkable assets. I knew I can produce content but that’s not all about. I was in need of a tool. But who will produce that! I am not a programmer. I also had budget issue.

But I knew, if there is a will, there is a way.

I searched for white label solution and it worked! I have tried 4 different SEO audit tool and then stuck with My SIte Auditor.  Many of you already have tried the SEO audit tool I have placed in my blog and Bizcope website. I find around 10 new leads every day through this tool. People who visit my website, like to know their websites SEO score and I get their email address and project detail.

Then I worked on those leads to convert.

What is My Site Auditor

‘My site auditor’ is an SEO audit tool where you can check your SEO score. They provide some useful data, and you can also compare your website with your competitors for a certain keyword. It takes only 45 seconds to generate the report.

Which Version to Choose

Basic: If you want to use it just for auditing your clients or your own projects, it will cost around $39/month. You can white-label your report, send to a client etc. But honestly, I will not recommend my readers to try basic version. Because there are many more details auditing tools. And you can expect lots more details SEO reports from them. Moz, SEMrush are couple of them.

Pro: I will recommend to use the pro version for the following two features:

  1. To get access to your leads.
  2. It’s embeddable in your website.

Remember, the primary reason of using this tool is to generate leads. So without embedding this in your website and without getting the lead details there is no use of this tool.

How to Use My Site Auditor in Your Website:

The process of using this tool is very easy. Go to this URL and put your email and start your free trial

SEO Audit Tool


Upgrade the membership to pro level.

– Click on audit form builder and choose the form size

My Site Auditor


– Complete the rest of the part

SEO Tool

Now if you are using WordPress, you don’t need to worry. They have a plugin and video explaining in detail how to set up the plugin. It’s too easy. You will get the plugin and video on the dashboard after creating the account.

Special Attention to Double Your Conversion Rate

SEO Lead

Check the above picture. This part is important for converting your leads. You have the option to send a predefined email to every visitor who tried this tool on your website.

You can also set email notification for each new leads. You can use up to three different email addresses to receive the notification.

Let Me Show You What I have Written in My Email Template .

Title: You Deserve First Page Ranking

Email Body: Thank you for using our free SEO audit tool. I believe you already have some useful data to work with. But you may need some expert advice to rank on first page and while beating your competitors. I think you already know that the best place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of google search. So ranking on page two and page 20 is same and you deserve a first-page ranking if you are serious about your business and future.

We can help you get first-page ranking. Check this video to learn how we can help or you can just send us an email to before your competitors hire usto do SEO for them.

Thanks & Regards,
Nahid Hasan
CEO and Founder, Bizcope

Note: I don’t send the same email to all my leads, I often change the text to do some A/B test to find the best converting email.

Around 1.5% of my leads reply after getting my email and in most cases they convert (some in first attempt and some with extra effort).

I also send the non-replying leads couple of follow-up emails and around 3% of them reply after getting the third email.

What is the Benefit of Using this Tool:

The leads I am getting is highly targeted. Either they own a website and curious about their SEO score or they are service provider and feel curiosity to know about their clients SEO score. If he is an SEO service provider or an SEO agency, still I have something to sell, and that is a content writing service. As you know we have 10 writers in our team and helping lots of marketers with SEO friendly content. It relieves their pain of hiring a writer.

So, this single tool is actually helping me get more and more customers every month. And it can work same for you as well. If you don’t have skill or money to create your own assets, use this kind of white label service. They really work!

Let me know your feedback on this and also let me know if you have any questions. I will love to answer all of you.

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