9 Systematic Ways to Learn Internet Marketing

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Have you ever thought you could be your own teacher if you knew the real way?

Let me brief. I don’t know whether you have ever asked someone how to start your online career. How do you get ideas on what to learn for better career, or where do you ask for any syllabus for SEO, SMM or email marketing purposes? I have got more than 400 similar questions from a lot of newbie internet marketers through Facebook, twitter, Google plus, and LinkedIn.
Let me show you the easy and effective ways to learn a new thing basically related to internet marketing.

1. Set a Goal

It seems surprising that to learn why, you need to set a goal. But it is the first thing you have to decide.

Let me help, how can you set your goal or how I did it in my career.

  • Identify Self talent (What can you do with perfection)
  • Self Interest (What tasks don’t you feel bored working on?).
  • What Other People Say about you

These are the points I focused on when setting the goal of my life. I feel that I can do better in Online Marketing. I don’t feel bored sitting in front of PC and lots of my friend and relatives have told me that I could be a better marketing professional and entrepreneur.

If your friends, relatives or other professional are saying something about you, then don’t ignore them. They might have seen something positive or negative about you.

2. Start Today:

Now you have the goal. You want to be an online marketer. Then just start your journey the moment you are reading this post.

Believe me, I had a dream to become a guitarist, I had a dream to direct drama too, but I am neither a guitarist nor a director. You know why?Start Now

Because I was waiting for the scope, I thought someday I will get the opportunity, or will get the time for effort. But honestly opportunity can’t just come to you, you have to search for it. People who wait for someday, just loose the scope and never get to that dream day anymore.

So don’t waste any single day from now on, start today to attain your goal before it is too late.

3. Create a Website, and Social Pages:

Just create a website, don’t think of anything else.

  • If you don’t have a budget for it then create a free website.
  • If you can’t write or manage content, create a blog which doesn’t need article-based content. For example, you can create a blog with photos, baby names, or quotes. These types of blogs don’t need lots of articles so you don’t have to think about article writing.
  • Now create a Facebook fan page, Google plus page, and a twitter account.

These efforts will give you a clear idea about website building, content management system, social media pages setup, and promotion.

I know these will not make it easy to create a website and promote it but these actions will give you the exact syllabus to follow.

Now you might ask yourself why you should learn how to build a website or related thoughts. Here are the some important reasons why.

  • At the very beginning of the career most of us can’t afford to invest money to do these easy tasks.
  • Even if you are hiring someone to do the task, you need to have the knowledge to guide them or check their performance.
  • As a marketing professional you have no other option rather than making yourself versatile.

So if you want to be an marketing professional, you must have an idea of how to create and manage a website, and you should own one or a few sites for experimentation.

4. Point Out First Few Problems or Challenges You Have Faced

So you are now ready or you’ve already tried to build your first website. And definitely you will face or have faced a few of the common problems like

  • where to create a free websiteProblems
  • what should be the domain name
  • How to create a free website
  • How to set logo
  • How to work on html and css
  • How to promote the site
  • Why I have low web traffic
  • Why people don’t share my posts etc.

Point each and every problem you are facing, because the more problem you will face, the more efforts you will put into solving them and the more you will be able to learn.

5. Work on those Problems, don’t Move Forward before Fixing Them

This is the time to fix any problems. I told you to create a website, but do you really know how to create a website? If you know, then move to the next phase. If not then you’ve got your first assignment or task to learn.

You want to provide great content. You want to decorate the content as you like. Then you are going to learn the basics on how to use HTML and CSS to give the website a professional look.

Here are few ways to learn.

  • Learn by yourself. Search on Google, YouTube, forums, Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Learn from any local training center or local individual
  • Learn from any online training institute

This is how you will start learning one by one. The message I want to provide is that, don’t try to solve lots of problems or try learning everything all at once. Focus on the problem you are facing, and learn according to that. Learn the solution of the first problem and then move to the next problem.  If you focus on all problems at once and try to solve them all together then at the end you will find that you got the idea about the problems you face but in a practical setting you can’t fix any of them.

Remember as a marketing professional you need both theoretical marketing knowledge as well as implementation power with great ROI.

6. What to Do If You Can’t Fix a Problem

This is a big question, as a human being will encounter many problems that are not easy to fix.

You can be really confused with those problems and can think

  • Should I stop working on it and move to the next part?
  • Should I keep trying?

Here is what I did when faced with these kinds of problems,

  • Tried more to find the necessary information through Google and YouTube.
  • Asked an Expert on related forums/ Facebook /LinkedIn groups
  • At last Hired an Expert upon failure on the above two parts.

So you can try these three approaches to fix the problem. But the advantages are, when working on these problem, you will have learned a lot of additional stuff where you previously had no ideas.

7. Advance Learning

You already learned most of the basic parts, now you have some sort of marketable skills. So far you have created a website, provided content, and worked on social media.

Now try to find some work according to your skills. Because it will help you grow your professionalism.  You will get ideas about the demand of the market and also will be able to track your progress.

You have completed most of the basic parts, so it’s time to work on the advanced sections. You have to invest some sort of money. Now you can think about top level domain, personal hosting, and more organized content.

To aid your learning you may have to buy a few paid ebooks and attend a few paid webinars.

Why you need to pay?

  • Tips and Tricks you are getting Free is good, but those that the author decides to sell are usually superior.
  • Paid EBooks always provide advanced, more informative, and high potential tricks, which can really take you ahead of your competitors.

If someone is sharing lots of useful tricks for free then it is very likely s/he is giving much more on their paid post/ebook/podcast/video.

So far I have bought more than 40 books from amazon, and did a few online marketing courses as well.

8. Focus on ROI

So now you have your own website and have content. But what are you getting in Return? Keep the money away, just focus on getting web traffics or market leads. Because after being a fully professional internet marketer you have to bring traffic, leads, and sales for your clients.

Don’t worry; this is what you want to learn.


  • How to get Traffic
  • How to engage the reader on Social Media
  • How to send visitors from one page to another
  • How to influence them to share the post

All of these are not only a questions but it’s a complete syllabus you need to follow. You will get lots of answers to your questions. Then start working on that. Not all the answer will be best for you or your audience. But when you start working one by one you will get the practical knowledge about which tricks really convert and which ones do not.

Let me give you a practical example:

When fans are asked to share a post the share rate is 7x higher

I read this sentence few years ago, and tried it on a few of my client’s social media campaigns as well as mine. But it really didn’t work for all the businesses. It worked well for entertainment and music related business. But didn’t work well for software or tax related business.

So what you are reading is important but to learn the internet marketing tricks you have to experiment? 

9. Don’t Try to be over Smart

What do you want to be? An internet Marketer? Then learn internet marketing. During marketing you might need some graphics, it is a plus if you have those skills too. But will you be a professional graphics designer? If not then don’t invest too much time on graphics designing. Identify your graphics needs and learn that by investing only as much time as you need. Then utilize the rest of the time on internet marketing.

So try to be versatile in knowledge but your main focus or expertise should be on your goal.

This is the way I learned. I was not a student from computer science, nor was I a Marketing student. But I am doing well in Internet Marketing. So if you can really utilize your time by proper learning, it will really provide great feedback to boost your career.

Have a nice day.

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