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I was looking for a partner who can help me start a new business. I guess there are many others who are thinking same. As I am running an online marketing firm for around 7 years; I know how tough it is to build a team, manage them, complete paperwork etc.

I know you will face the same. But we can thank the internet – it not only comes up with lots of resource to develop our skills but also provides some cool solutions which can save us time and stress.

Last week I had attended a meet up event as a guest speaker and shared my SEO skills with them. But that is not all about it. The time when I got the invitation I had to prepare myself full. I did some homework; the more I researched the more interesting it became. I am just going to share those experiences with you.

GearLaunch can thank me, as I am going to start my new T-shirt selling venture with their platform. I will share my entire experience with you guys. Let’s grow together. I will be sharing through blog post, youtube video and podcast.

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Let’s move …..

What is GearLaunch:

Here is the statement from Gearlaunch website’s meta description “GearLaunch is a one-stop shop that provides you with everything you need to sell merchandise, from an online storefront to production, fulfillment, and customer service.

In detail, it is more like the combination of Shopify and Teespring. If you are not familiar with them, here is the short way to describe them. Teespring is a platform / marketplace like ThemeForest where people buy and sell Tshirts. Shopify is an ecommerce software to sell online.

So you can understand that by using GearLaunch you can do both. You can sell Tshirt and Mug (beta testing) by using their software, and they will also take care of the production part.
In general every Tshirt selling business has to go with these steps

  • Designing Tshirt
  • Creating An online Shop
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Follow-up Email and etc

As an online gig I can easily work on the designing, marketing, and customer support parts. You will have the same thought like me.

  • But what about production?
  • Packaging, Delivery?
  • Paper work?

These are kind of tough job for us, because we are not used to doing them. This is where you can say thanks to GearLaunch. They will take care of it. HolyCow!

When a customer will place an order, GearLaunch will go for production, packaging and delivery on behalf of you. They will take care of the payment part as well. Then you can withdraw those funds through payoneer, paypal or bank transfer.

Not only that, they will create a unique phone number just for your brand. They will pick the phone on your behalf, and that of your brand. They will also provide you with a unique support email address. Even the delivery packaging will go with your brand name and logo. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Teespring is cool too, but that works mostly like ThemeForest or other market place. That means you can earn money by working on them but will be tough to establish a brand identity there.

Grow With Nahid

GearLaunch SEO benefits:

As you are working from your own domain that means you will have full control of its customization. If you are an SEO gig and it’s your biggest strength, then you are definitely going to love this platform. You may already know the basic and advance part to get the rank and sell.

Here are two articles that might help you in some parts of your SEO campaign.

Email List:

We know email list is the big asset for long term business success. Working with GearLaunch you will have full control to track your sales. Not only that you can also identify who has added your product to their cart but didn’t complete the purchasing procedure. You can then contact them for a follow-up feedback. You will have the entire list, which means you can create an email marketing campaign for them to boost the sells rate.

Related Product Selling

When working with amazon, I have found that people often buy a different product from the product they’d initially thought to buy. As the traffic is landed to your own website, so even if they buy a different product, the product will be yours. This is where you may fall behind on Teespring.

Full Analytics:

By adding Google analytics and Search Console tool to your website you can get all detail analytics data to ensure a straight up business growth. As a marketer I know how important data analysis is in increasing your conversion and growth rate. This is another reason why I am moving with GearLaunch instead of Teespring.

All I stated here is based on my initial research, analysis and GearLaunch presentation. As I am going to start my new journey here, you can expect more details and data oriented blog posts from me in coming days. I will share them in details. Subscribe to my newsletter to get some hidden tricks I only share with my subscribers.

Happy GearLaunching

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