How to add Keywords to Website

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If you are talking about SEO then keyword is the most important term you will discuss about. You may think what keywords to target, can I compete against my competitors, Do these keywords drive desired amount of target traffic, and many more! So it is a tough job to find suitable keywords to target. But getting the suitable keywords is not all you should care about. You need to know how to place your keywords for attaining maximum SEO benefits. Today I am going to share with you the way to do it.

1# Title Tag

Title tag is the first thing visitors check when they do a Google search and find a result in Search engine result page. Do you do the same? If you are confused just take a look at the image below and then think about what part you noticed first.

How to Add Keywords to Website

If I am not wrong then it was the title tag. Google always focus on the area where the human visitor focuses. So the title tag is important and that’s why it is important to place your primary or main keyword within the title tag.

Now again have a look at the search result screen shot as a searcher. Do you not think that the top two results can get some psychological advantage for having the keyword “work boots” at the beginning or initial part of the title. Having the keyword within the first part of title can give confidence to the user that this result can give him the best info / product / service s/he is searching for.

So it is always a best practice to keep the keyword within the first part of your title if possible. It will provide SEO and conversion advantages.

2# URL

After title tag, the 2nd important thing most of the searchers do is to check URL of the results. They like to click the most popular URL (if they know) or closest related URL. So URL can provide you with more conversions because you have gained enough popularity, or it can also attract clicks because your URL has some sort of relationship with the keyword.

Ways to Add Keywords to Website

Check the screenshot again and the first result shown on it. The root URL is not closely related to the search phrase but the exact deep URL contains the keyword “work-boots”. So it gives an extra layer of confidence to visitors that the page is closely related to the term he is searching for. Same thing happens within the Search engine, as the search engine can get some idea about the page from its URL. This is why you will always find lots of exact match URLs ranking well unless it is a poor site with junk content.

3# Heading Tag

Heading TagThe heading tag is one of the most important parts of your page for both SEO and human attraction. Not everyone gets to read your entire post. Most will simply screen the page through the heading tag and get an idea about the content / object of the page. The same thing happens with Search engine spider. So, putting your keyword on heading tag, especially on h1 tag, is important. However, don’t put the exact same keyword in your title tag and in your h1 tag. It might come off like keyword stuffing, so try to insert something related but not exact.
For example if your primary keyword is work boots and you added it in your title tag, then h1 tag can be something like “Best Work Boots for Men and Women” or something like that.

4# Body Text

Your site should contain keywords throughout its texts. It will not look natural that your heading and title contain the keyword but your content doesn’t say anything about it. So your content should have the keywords throughout the content. But make sure you maintain the following things

  • Dont use your keywords more times than it requires. Keep the keyword density less than 3-5%.
  • Dont use the exact same keywords every time, use their synonym or something related. For example, Best work boots, top work boots, leading work boots, cool work boots etc. (Here is a site to find related words)
  • It is important to keep the keyword within the content, but to do it, ensure you are not making your content less visitor friendly, if you do so then you will have less conversion and more bounce rate. Bounce rate can affect on your Search Engine ranking. Learn more about bounce rate.

5# Image Alt Tag and Image Name

People use YouTube to search for videos, people use image search, so the web is not limited to text content. Image can manage leads for you. Google cant read image, but google can use image alt tags to identify the image content. Thus, the image you have on your specific page should be related to the content of your site. By doing so it can give an additional signal to the search engine. It is good to have the image name keyword-friendly too because image name will be used in image URL.

6# Internal Links

Internal links also help to pass SEO juice, and anchortext have a strong influence in SEO ranking. So having keyword reach anchortext for internal linking helps to maximize on SEO advantage.

  • Execcive use of keyword reach anchortext for internal linking can also look spammy.
  • Focus on drive visitors from one page to another, link juice will follow you.

7# Meta Description

Meta description doesn’t have any direct SEO advantage but studies shows that it has a big impact on click through rates. So we should add our primary keyword to our meta description. Here is an article from Miraj Gazi which will help you to write better meta descriptions.

8# File Names

If the site contains any file to download, share, or show, then the file name should contain the keyword we are targetting for that file / page.

Here is a summary I am going to do for you to better understand what I wrote above.

Primary Keyword: Work Boots

  • Title: Work Boots | Your Company Name
  • URL:
  • Heading Tag (h1 Tag): Best Work Boots
  • Body Contain: Here is a list of Best Work Boots for Men and Women.
  • Image Alt Tag: Work Boots for Men / Work Boots for Women
  • Internal Text: Check More Work Boots
  • Meta Description: We are one of the best work boots saller in USA…
  • File Name (if applicable): Work Boots Catalogue

Here are all the details about the way to add keywords to your website for better optimization. I hope It looks simple and clear to you. You will just need to find a list of keywords and manage some time to add those to your websites carefully. If you still feel it is complicated for your sales page then let me know, I can help you to professionally do it.

Please share it with your friends if you found it helpful in anyway.

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