Read The Week – Episode 1 (August 21 to August 28)

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I am very excited to share some cool stuff with you. It is the first episode of my Read the Week, so I deserve some excitement and you deserve some great screened articles. I was a little busy with my regular work load, with some new amazon product, but I kept working to upgrade my skill. This week I didn’t get a chance to watch many videos and listen to podcasts but I read around 23 articles. Not all of them had great content, few were just old school sentences but among these 23 articles here are the top 5 articles for you. As promised I am going to add my personal evaluation and point of view with these articles.

Here are the top 5 articles on SEO and Internet Marketing for this Week

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Neil Patel is one of the known names in Internet Marketing industry for his awesome educative posts. I read all of his articles this week as well. Not all seemed equally important to me although most of them are worth sharing for the newbie. He wrote one article last week to describe how to find the right SEO Company for your business. I am not looking for the right SEO Company but this article helps me find how I should create SEO proposal! I usually don’t give any guaranty of ranking even if I have more than 5 years of experiences with 94% success rate! I found only 5% of my client stop their project after working for a month and in most cases they had some personal issues.

Any way this article also helps me to create a list of solution I can provide to my SEO client. If you are not an SEO guy you can easily identify how to find best SEO agency for your company. But remember if you are not willing to expend on a good budget, you may not get the best agencies for your project.

Read the article here 17 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company


This one is a cool one from Jonathan Goodman. Sharing old posts in social media always help in getting more traffic to your blog. But Jonathan shared a reverse way and it’s really a great trick to get new subscriber and Facebook fans. This is about embedding an old Facebook video to new blog posts. Though I didn’t get a chance to implement the trick but I can say that this will work fine and will help you in getting new engagements from your old videos.

Read the Article: How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Through Your Archived Material on Facebook


This is not a blog post. This is the great white board Friday video from Moz. I always like the videos from Rand and how he presents great content in a simple way. The video was about adding keywords in to the website. I was familiar enough with this video content and I was practicing something like that for last few years.  But still I found this video very helpful in some ways and might be very helpful for you if you are not familiar with it. Few months earlier I wrote an article on similar topic and so far it got around 3.5k visits.

Check my writing on this topic with live example: How to add Keywords to Website

Check Rand’s Video: How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal – Whiteboard Friday.


This one again is from the same guy Neil Patel, but this is from Search Engine Land. Neil showed the exact way to figure out the condition of your site after the mobile-friendly algorithm update. He took lots of screenshot to show you the procedure. I have found this article very helpful, though I haven’t found any issue on my traffic stat for both desktop and mobile visitors. However, I have found few of the pages which are not fully responsive; I am just going to work on that.

Read the Article: How To Recover If You Got Nailed By Mobilegeddon.

You can check your websites responsive status on various screen size by this tool


Now people mostly visit various websites and social media channels through a mobile device, so it can be easily identifiable that all aspects of monetizing will focus on this part, Google already brought a mobile friendly algorithm update, Facebook also included few cool features for their mobile users. For example, call now button for mobile device, mobile Carousel Ads, campaign management from mobile etc. This article will definitely help in me running social media campaign for my client and for my personal projects.

Read the Article: 5 Facebook Ads Changes: What Marketers Need to Know.

I am not going to make the list longer, because these posts and video can enlarge your to-do-list in so many ways. I hope all of these posts will have some influence on your online business. I already created my to-do-list and will experiment few new things in the coming few weeks. And I will definitely share what feedback I will get.

Was this article helpful to you in finding some valuable post? If it was helpful please share this article with your friend. See you on the next week.

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