Read The Week – Episode 2 (August 29 to September 04)

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Do you read articles to find hidden tricks for generating more sales. If yes, how do you find valuable content? I know there are a lot more ways to find valuable content like email subscription, social media etc. Recently I have arranged an easier way to get most effective Internet Marketing articles each week. That is Read the Week. Learn more about Read the Week here

Here are the top 7 articles to read from last week.

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This is the must read article from Hubspot. This article shows the right strategy for growing a blog with detail analytic and descriptive ideas. They have done the research with top 50 business blogs in U.K.

I found this post very informative. It shared all three major parts analytic (Social Media, SEO and Content).

Read the Article: What Makes Top Company Blogs So Successful? [New Data]


Another must read article for this week. And this is from the awesome guy Neil Patel. I am a big fan of Neil and my current business growth might not be achieved if I was not reading his content. Each week he shared some cool content which must have something new to learn and implement. This week he shared how to analyze a competitor’s keywords. This article is very much descriptive with good amount of image and screenshot. Just take a cup of coffee, a pen and a paper. Stay relaxed and read this article and create a to do list to implement something new. You will not be disappointed. I have already started J

Read the Article: Advanced SEO: How To Easily Analyze Your Competitor’s Keywords


This article describes the various type of Google penalties. What they are, how they work and the possible reasons for being penalized for any specific update. Though I haven’t personally been penalized with any of my personal projects but I had some clients who I helped to recover from such algorithmic penalty when I took their project. And I was able to help them and get them re-ranked. To know how to get ride from penalty first you need to know what they are and how they work. Neil wrote all of these in detail.

Read the Article: The Complete Guide to Google Penalties (Both Manual and Algorithmic)


There are lots of simple mistakes which can harm your SEO in big way. Specially when we are doing these simple mistakes again and again. Janet Miller, CEO of Marketing Mojo has shared 8 of the common content optimization mistakes. Few of the tips might be well familiar to you but I really liked the tips no 6 and 7. We often miss this part, and specially no 7 (Too.Much.Extraneous.Code).

Read full article here: The 8 Most Common But Simple Missed Opportunities In Optimizing Content


As a SEO professional I know the importance of backlinks. There are no doubt that quality content is important and can be the primary focus. but believe me just with quality content you cant rank well on google without having lots of quality backlinks. This article explains the importance of backlinks, and shows an easy way to create a list of possible backlinking opportunities by researching on your top competitors.

Read the article: Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry


The returns from a marketing campaign depend on analytics and psychological ideas. It is important to have in-depth ideas about your customers’ psychology. And to identify their psychology you need to focus on the analytics, what works better. Founder of Startup101, Tabitha Jean Naylor shared 4 Psychological tips on Marketing. Though I was expecting more tips with some detailed analytics but still this article can help stimulate one or two cool idea to implement and boost your sale.

Read the article: Psychology of Marketing


SEO and other marketing channels are very much important to get sales. But after getting sales, what to do? How do you ensure repeated sales from an existing customer? I found this article cool enough to rethink about the lifetime value of a customer. I have been always working on cross selling and up selling activities. Getting a new customer is important but at the same time it is important to make my existing customer happy and also do as much and as long a business as I can.

Read the Article: 5 Ways to Increase The Lifetime Value Of A Customer 

That’s all for this week. I read 21 articles, listened to 2 podcast, and watched 3 YouTube videos. I also bought one awesome plugin to increase tweets. I will share my experience with this plugin in details in the coming month. See you next week.

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