Read The Week – Episode 3 ( October 10 to October 16)

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Did you read any blog post this week to improve your marketing and entrepreneurship skills? If not then here is a list of articles you should read this week.

Before moving forward I want to say sorry for being little less active in the last few weeks. I was a little busy with some marketing related events and just finished a huge event on Affiliate Marketing. I got a chance to share my experience by mentoring to this Affiliate Bootcamp.

By the way here is a list of articles you should read this week.

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As you all know that I am running an Internet Marketing and WordPress Development firm since 2010. Managing time for writing is a tough job for me. I always read and work to find a better way to write great content within the shortest time. I know this is a tough job but this article definitely helped me overcome this issue. This article contains enough guidelines on creating content structure. It also showed me a way of being more focused.

Read this article: Produce More Content in Less Time With These 6 Science Backed Tactics.


As you already know that social media helps business in many ways from SEO to Sales. But most of the business can’t get the maximum return due to having high competition. Don’t forget the common rules, bigger opportunities come with higher competition.  All big brands use Facebook as a social media channel. Same for Twitter and Linkedin. They have lots of budget to dominate. But what of you? How large is your audience level? Are you really able to spread your massage to your target audiences? If not then you are targeting larger channel but getting very less in return. Neil tried to show how small channels can help you get more leads and increase brand visibility. Personally I use lots of small social channels and am’ getting a good response from them.

Read the Article: 6 Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy for ANY Network

Learn: Check this step by step procedure to inscrease social shares.


Your business success somehow depends on the amount of targeted traffic you are getting. Twitter is one of the best sources for getting high quality targeted traffic. Marc Guberti posted a guest post on problogger and showed how to get more blog traffic from Twitter.

Read the Article: 4 Methods To Get More Blog Traffic From Twitter.


Most of the beginner entreprenuers including me face a problem to say no. They can’t say no to their teammates, clients, friends, relatives etc. But to be a successful entrepreneur /one must need to know, how to welcome the term “NO”. I found this interesting article on You can check this too.

Read the Article: Why Entrepreneurs Should Welcome the Word ‘No’


In many forums that I have attended people asked about sitelinked to be showed on search result. Here I found an article on Search Engine Watch which covers the topic.

Read the Week: How do I get sitelinks to appear in my site’s search results?

I found few more articles and free video training resources, which can double your traffic and sales. I am just updating my email follow-up series with those resources. You can subscribe to my mailing list to get all those free materials and double your sales.

See you next week.

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