Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

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Ever been out during a storm? That’s how tough the business world is! It’s tricky to navigate just like it is tough to drive through a stormy night. But either way, you need to reach your goal – home. In business is to sell, market, and make more clients.

There are many tools you could use to promote your marketing. One great tool is infographics. And Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools?

Even in the current times and many more years to come infographics will still be the best marketing bomb!

Let’s start by asking ourselves a simple question, who hasn’t used an infograph before? I thought so; and it isn’t just you alone. By 2013 the impact of infographs had been felt and all marketing firms were running for it.

In fact some specific sites are simply full-fledged infographics sites. Two years later in 2015, Google algorithms registered the search for infographics to have ridiculously increased in volume to over 80%.

Here is the simplest explanation to such an absurd rise in the search of infographics, many (almost every content marketing agency) had realized how powerful a marketing tool is and it seemed like they were publishing at least one for each and every one of their clients.

Today the trend hasn’t stopped. However getting the best infographics is very important. It’s a good thing terrible infographics are on the decline. Knowing an expert could be tough.

The reason we believe and still stand by the fact that infographics are still the best marketing tool comes from pure experience in content marketing via infographics. We have had a great experience of over 7 plus years now. We have served many businesses and the impact is immeasurable.

Here are some of the most vital lessons that we have learnt while using infographics over these years.

Easy to Integrate in Wider Marketing Strategy

Infographics create a simple, easy, but very effective strategy to support search visibility. In 2016 they have been ranked as the most powerful option of attracting back-links. However be very cautious not to attract more and more links without a powerful SEO strategy at hand.

Aims for the Big Q – Quality and not Quantity

Infographics also keeps off quantity and sticks to quality. Infographics try to focus on a major piece of content that focusing on many and instead shooting blanks. Some best infographics that we have produced take lots of time to produce but create awesome linking root domains.


Makes it Easy To Support and Promote Content

Infographics are also easy to share. Sharing infographics is cool since they are really attractive. It is the easiest content to promote across the web. In fact within the years we’ve used it – it is clear with ideal blogging, digital PR, and great SEO campaign featuring infographs becomes easy.

Makes the One Change Clients are Waiting For

Research has it that the average person is exposed to over 170 publications across webs and newspapers every day. But due to monotony 99% of all the sensory information is filtered out immediately. So only 1% sticks! This 1% are visuals (infographics) and 65% are wired to it.

Infographics: Visuals Vs. Texts

Visuals are customized data or ideas that are tailored to convey complex information to a specific audience in a way that can be understood fast and easily. Visuals are first seen by the eyes (that view them). The eyes being an extension of the brain sends them fast to the visual receptors.

And because images (visuals) are processed simultaneously they will have far greater impact than texts which are often processed sequentially. By just looking at an image you can tell what is happening fast. Reading a text needs you to follow it one by one to get the rough picture.

What Makes a Great Infographic

There isn’t so much to say that how important infographics are. But if you want to get a great infographic here is what to look for.

  • Focus on Quality
  • Know your target audience
  • Look for a great click through rate
  • Focus on creating short and practice points
  • Understand your aim and objective

Tools for Creating Infographics

For a result oriented infographic you should always focus on the right tools. There are many good tools on the internet. Some examples are piktochart.com, visual.ly, easel.ly and so on. You have to create an account before making infographics.

Visuals such as infographics are kept for long. Studies show that the reason for this originates from visuals being processed simultaneously and the fact that we can grab them fast and in less than a tenth of a second. Infographics being visuals therefore save time and give us easy tips.

Last of all you should really consider using infographics in your SEO or marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the challenge with infographics is creating them perfectly. If you’ve used infographics in your marketing strategy, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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