How to Wish Your Client A Happy New Year and Bring Them Back

If you are running a business you already know that this is the era of relationship selling. You know that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers. In business your role is to hold them for a long time. Work hard to provide them with great service so that they recommend you [...]

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Is your Website Ready for 2017?

What you have achieved today has been decided by what you did yesterday. What you will get tomorrow will be decided by what you are doing today. So if you want to have a rocking 2017, you need to start right now. You need to analyze your current website and prepare a better plan for [...]

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6 Proven Methods For Local Business Promotion

What is the goal of business? Goal of business is finding new customer and keeping them in. Profit is the result. Many people think that local businesses especially small businesses have nothing tricky to apply. I have a shop, have products; people will automatically go around it and buy. But that’s not true. Customer doesn’t [...]

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GearLaunch – Start Your Own Ecommerce Business

I was looking for a partner who can help me start a new business. I guess there are many others who are thinking same. As I am running an online marketing firm for around 7 years; I know how tough it is to build a team, manage them, complete paperwork etc. I know you will [...]

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Mentoring Experience on Affiliate Bootcamp BD

Being an affiliate marketer since 2010, I was very excited to get chance to share my experience with the newbie. I think all other mentors also have similar experience.  Participants were very excited and come up with lots of question during panel discussion and all other sections. […]

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15 Small Business Tools Saved My Big Bucks (Part 2)

If you are not using tools then you are missing lots of opportunities. You don’t know there are lots of tools that can boost your productivity and business growth. And you don’t need to pay for every tool. Almost every tool has free membership option with limited features. Last week I wrote about 6 tools [...]

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15 Small Business Tools Saved My Big Bucks (Part 1)

If you are running a business you can’t feel that yes I am done. Actually you will never be done. You can always do better or poorer but you can’t be done. For example, 10 years ago people were using phones just for talking. But the business owners / inventors didn’t feel that they are [...]

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How Was My 2014

2014 was my best year in terms of learning business lessons. Since 2010, I am running an Online Marketing and SEO firms and faced lots of small and big problems. Each problem helped me to be little more experienced and making me a mature Entrepreneur. Today I am going to share few important lessons I [...]

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6 Things an SEO Freelancer Can Do

Search Engines are the main source of targeted web traffic, no doubt. That is why each and every business needs a search engine optimizer. As a result, the number of total search engine optimizers is increasing.  In USA, the number of search engine optimizers is 363,857, and the worldwide number might be 1.7x larger (According [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership Business

Starting a business comes with many different important considerations and decisions to make. One of the most important decisions when thinking about the structure of your business is whether to go it alone or include some like-minded investors to work with. If you are considering working with others, a partnership is one of the business [...]

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