How to Increase Social Shares (Step by Step)

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Before digging deep into the procedure of increasing social shares, first I want to write why you need social shares.

Social shares will help you become more visible on social media, and that means more visitors and more customers, but this is not all it’s about. You may already know that search engine is one of the most important channels to drive targeted traffic. On the other hand, most marketing professionals believe that search engine traffic can ensure maximum conversion rate, simply because they are highly targeted. The good news is that Social shares can also help you getting desired SEO rank. Learn how it helps.

Learn 8 Killer Tips to Increase Social Shares

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1# Don’t be a Selling Machine

Online marketing bears little difference compared to other forms of marketing. As you are running a business, everyone knows that you want to get customers and increase sales. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look good when you act like a selling machine. People love to know more about you and your brand, mostly how it can help them or add value to their life. Therefore, your first step is to educate them before you start your sales pitch. If you can successfully add some value to their life from the beginning, then they are definitely going to buy your product. This is how online business works, give them some good stuff for free and help them, and at next stage sell something awesome.

Now when you are helping them, they are most likely going to help you by sharing your content. Just request them to do so by a single sentence.

2# Social Share Button

As I just mentioned, when you are providing valuable and helpful content people are going to share it. Now just make it easy for them. Just give them an easy social sharing option. You should not make it tough for them to share your content.

If you are using wordpress here are two plugins I love to recommend. They are free and light. So you will not face loading time issue with them. (there are lots of other plugins too)

With sumome you can use some additional features such as the smart bar and welcome Mat to increase your email subscribers.

“It is better to add facebook social share buttons in more than one place, it helps get more social shares.”

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3# Highlight Your Strength

It doesn’t matter whether you are new or experienced enough in your business. You must have some strength you can highlight on. It can be your page views, social shares numbers, comments, subscribers, or good feedback from any specific client or anything. Highlight those sections to get more social shares. If you usually get many social shares, you can use a plugin that displays social share number with their icon. If someone sees that any specific post got lots of share they psychologically do the same.

Increase Social SharesCheck how Neil Patel highlights his social share numbers. Among all channels, he gets most shares on twitter. So he cut down the social icons and kept just the two most shared, and it is definitely increasing his tweets rates further.

4# Tweet this Plugin

All social shares are important. But among them, tweets have some special value in getting traffic and SEO benefits. That’s why most professionals focus on twitter and I am not an exception.

To increase my tweets rate I have just started using an awesome plugin Tweet This and it started getting more tweets for my niche projects. This plugin helps readers to tweet any specific quote or headline you want them to be tweeted. The awesome thing about this plugin is it comes with more than 12 templates to show your highlighted text, quote or heading. It will shorten the url itself and also you can inject a different text with hashtag to increase tweets visibility.

Last week I wrote an article on small business SEO tips where I had used the following text for my h1 tag and I also made it tweet able so my reader can easily tweet the text by just one click.

Check this awesome plugin here.

5# Keep Adding Industry Experts on Your Post

One tweet from any industry expert can drive lots of social shares, subscribers and even few customers too. Because they may have larger followers’ list than you or your brand have. So it is important to produce quality content and do some hard work to be noticed by them. The best way to do it is by regular commenting and engaging on their blog, and talking about them and link to them all the time from your posts. By doing it with consistency you will increase the possibility to get a eye from them, which will followed by social shares. I am doing hard work to get a comment from Neil Patel and also get a tweet from him, I know one day I can do it.

6# Message-Oriented Quality Image

Image is one of the most important parts for getting maximum social shares. You need an image that can pass a strong message and looks shareable. The types of your image will depend on the niche you operate in. It could be funny, it could be professional, but is important to have only one message in your image, otherwise it might look messy. Canva is the best tool to create professional-looking images for free with just a few clicks. I use canva to create all featured images for my blog posts and facebook pages. Pixabay can help you get high quality free stock images.

7# Trade Share For Something Special

This is an advanced trick and will only work if you can provide content that’s worth sharing. At first, give them the awesome content they are looking for and offer something extra in return of a social share. It is a very useful trick.

In wordpress you can easily do it by this Social Locker for WordPress plugin. You can also try if you are not using wordpress.

Social Share Increasing Tips

8# Create List Posting and Resources

Creating a valuable list and finding top class resources is one of the toughest jobs. In the beginning, it seems very easy but if you want to provide enough value then it is not going to be easy. Because either you will have to test all of them before you come up with a list or need to invest sufficient time on researching them. The good thing is that people love lists.  Lists help them in many ways and mainly save their time and effort. They find some awesome tool they might not have any idea on. This type of post gets lots of social shares compared to other forms of content.Tips to Increase Social Shares

9# Facebook Paid Campaign

Paid campaign will be a big plus if you want to promote and engage some special posts which might help you get some leads. You cant go for paid campaign with all of your posts due to costing issue, and not all post will be equally worth and will not have good ROI. Among all the social channels I will suggest to focus mostly on these two platforms.

  • Facebook Paid Campaign
  • Sponsored Tweets (this platform connect between high power twitter user with advertiser)

10# Facebook Comment Option

According to Datanyze comments market share report there are 430,638 sites use facebook comment system.  There are two major benefits of using FB comment system

  • It Helps get facebook enagement.
  • It Reduce Automated Spammy Comments.

Blog commenting is a vital part for creating professional relationship but spammers always target this system to generate automated blog comment for SEO advantage. Through facebook comment system, we can avoid these spammers because facebook comment system doesn’t allow the creation of hyperlinks within the comment. Here is how to add facebook comment system to your wordpress blog.

Bonus Tips:

  • Use for increasing twitter engagement.
  • Don’t be a selfish, share other peoples content too.
  • Make sure your website and social sharing option is mobile friendly.
  • Do a follow up post.
  • Use buffer app.
  • Post on Friday.
  • Respond to Negative Feedback.

These are the tricks I use with my niche websites, and they work very well with me. If you have any other tricks please share with me, I will add that to my post and will give you the credit.

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