Is Your Website Good Enough For Google To Rank

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Well you might have probably asked yourself this same question.  Why isn’t Google ranking my page at the top when I have done everything they need? Many of us do and why not, when you feel you have done the right job?

But feeling that you have done the right job and knowing if you have actually done it right are two different things.

In fact as a professional marketer and SEO expert who has helped a number of small businesses to find their footing in the last four years, let me ask you this again.  Are you sure your website is good enough for Google to rank?

Sometimes when we write to Google complaining about why we are not ranked like we think we should. They will ask us the same question. In addition to that they will ask you to give them every reason that leads you to believe that your website is better than those they’ve ranked.

In short Google is just telling to cross check with your competitors and find out if there is any new idea that you have, or anything that they have which you don’t. And in turn improve your website accordingly.

I know this might sound tricky but that is usually just one aspect of how Google will rank your website.  So what actually is a high profile rank-able website for Google?

After doing a lot of research, training many small and medium sized firms, building well optimized websites, attending a number of capacity building retreats, and creating such an educative blog among other things, here is what I have learnt over these years.

Good Content Doesn’t Always Mean Quality Website

Don’t get surprised when I say this, but trust me it is true. Having quality content that is unique, original, and well researched is very important for your website like I have previously told you in some of my posts.

But when it comes down to a high quality rankable website, quality content will only be a single aspect that Is Your Website Good Enough For Google To RankGoogle considers amongst other factors in order to rank your website.

This means that for you to become a rankable candidate in the eyes of Google algorithms, well you should have great content that I agree.  And which has the following qualities, but in addition to that also have other factors that I will mention hereafter.

  • Have content that is unique both for external link building and internal linking.
  • Have a well researched content that is composed by an author of great authority.
  • Have very objective content that addresses the issues from every ideal perspective.
  • Keep your content well balanced with the number of adverts that you have in your site.
  • Keep in mind that your content can’t be easily merged and that it has no typos.

So before posting your content and after posting it always run your content through plagiarism tools to ensure that it is unique. Remove any duplicate content that you could have in place, and merge any pages that might have similar content.

Watch Out For Your Page Titles And Formatting

Now I have told you about the need for a unique content for your website. It is true content will come first like I said, but what else comes after content?

With a great content in place the next thing will be how you structure your page titles, descriptions, and eventually format them.

According to what I have learnt, the search engine crawlers always look out for these three in your website in order to understand what your page is all about before ranking it. They never want to put you under the wrong page index.

Together with your website authority, your competitors’ strategies, and finally your off-page SEO design, Google will determine if you are good enough to rank.

  • Get page titles that are unique and easy for both the crawlers and your users to understand.
  • Let your page description be ideal for the searcher to quickly grasp when it pops on the ranking.
  • Ensure your pages are formatted in such a way that they are easy to navigate through. This will include your images and content.

Never Compromise On Your Authorship

And if there is one thing that Google has for a long time kept a close eye on is the authorship of our website contents. Ideally ever single day Google engineers are working around the clock to improve the authorship tools among other Webmaster’s tools.

And here is the reason for this. Google needs quality content and such credibility can only be produced by professional authors. Such authors should be verified and authenticated.

This means that if a doctor is writing a medical post they are best fitted for that field of practice. Therefore the content that they will be producing will actually be quite dependable.

So before hiring the services of an author implement the Google Authorship principles to ensure that the authority of the author is recognized. Such authors will do the following.

  • They will tidy up your content.
  • They will give readers what they want since they understand their needs.
  • They will minimize your website’s bounce rate.
  • They will keep your website spam free and healthy.
  • And above all they will match up to your competition.

Today Speed Has The Greatest Role In Rankings

Finally let me fill you in on a great role that speed is playing on Google ranking today, but before that let’s think a decade ago.

You will all agree with me that initially speed was not so much of a factor to go by. Today however things are different. Google is investing a lot of cash to improve the speed of the web today.

They need something that is faster and which will ensure that the job is done quicker and more efficiently and this is ideal speed. So today speed is officially another factor that Google considers before ranking your page it is in fact one of the factors that leads to minimal bounce rates in any site.

The faster your website loads the better for you in terms of ranking simply use the Google Page Speed Tool to check your site. And better still if you have included great content, varied authorship and a highly converting website you are safe.

There are usually so much more that any Webmaster can do in order to have a good enough website that Google will rank. What I have given you today is just a few very important facts that have maintained the best position. So start with them and if you need more, I am always here to help.

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