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Have you ever wondered to yourself how many websites exist in the world? I checked the current status today through Netcraft’s latest survey conducted in April 2013 and found that there are 649 million websites. However, one surprising stat was that out of all those websites, only 187 million are active while 462 million websites remain inactive. Here are some possible reasons for this high number of inactive websites were as follows:

  • A number of high demand domains have been registered for speculative reasons, to be resold later.
  • Big brand companies buy the same domain with multiple extensions to reduce chances of anyone stealing their market leads and to preserve their brand identity.
  • A high number of people buy domain names in their own name for their use in the hopes of using them once they become famous or highly successful in their fields.

Another surprising stat is that over the past two years the number of active sites has doubled. This is a clear indication of an increased interest in online business. But why is this?

I had a survey where I questioned 200 online business owners on why they had chosen to be involved in online business. These were the most common responses:

  • They liked the ease of doing business online (72)
  • They felt the need to be active in online communities in order to boost their offline businesses (28)
  • They felt that online business offered a great source of income. (75)

My research was aimed at identifying reasons for engaging in online business and the success rate of online businesses. After analyzing the results of my research, here are some of the main points I would like to point out.

People Who Loves Technology:

There are many people globally who love technology and innovation. They are passionate about everything related to technological advances and they find ways to convert this passion to money-making businesses. Most of the successful ones do not focus as much on money, but rather on building reputations, focusing on their inventions, their innovations, and their creativity and money just comes later as they increase their skills and experience. No matter what their reasons are for engaging the global online business community, some have emerged to top the list and dominate their niches. So if you are one of those people who have a fascination with technology, you can also start your own online business. Your passion can keep you ahead of those with little or no interest in technology.

Peoples Who Can Write or Design Well:

I know some people in my personal life and in my social networks who can write exceptionally well. I have also come across professionals with great design capabilities. Even at my university I have come across people who are highly proficient at creating business or academic presentations. These are some of the kinds of people who can use their skills to further develop their careers by showcasing their creativity through an online business. There are lots of online ways they can sell their skills to a global market.

Another big group of people I have personally come across are creative writers and designers. They have two major reasons to engage in online business.

  • They can spread their creativity ten times more through online communities
  • They can make money online by selling their creative work


Freelancers are a group of people who can run an effective online business much better than the groups I have already mentioned above. This is because:

  • Freelancers are usually people who have already proven their skills.
  • They are experienced in selling their skills through the market place
  • They already have an idea of their clients’ psychology
  • They are not new to the online community

These 4 criteria can be a big plus for freelancers who want to get ahead in their careers. Personally, I also started my business as a freelancer.

Freelancing is a great beginning for achieving success as an online business owner. Many online business owners started their journey making money online as freelancers. This is because it is comparatively easy to start earning some money by selling their skills online. Though becoming a high earner may take time, most people can start selling their skills online with minimal risk. One can start as a freelancer and as they grow their skills and reputation, create a profitable online business.

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Big Offline Brand

Another big group of online business owners are those who already have a great industry reputation and brand credibility working offline. They engage in online communities to keep in touch with their customers and well wishers and to extend their product range and attract new markets. These groups of online business owners focus more on enhancing their customer relations and fun rather than just promoting their products. So the people already have a great offline business can start their online journey as soon as they can.

Successful Business Investors:

Another group of online business owners is made up of investors and financiers. These are people who have enough capital to start a business. They find energetic and talented people with unique and viable ideas and invest in them to start a business or be part of the business.

My list does not exhaust the number of people or professionals who can start their own online business, but I just needed to point out some of the groups who have shown a great interest in online business ventures and have done a great job of it.

People Who Can Motivate:

I have seen few peoples who have great motivation skills. These people can motivate their friends, relatives, teachers, clients, and most of the people in their life. These people can be a great asset for Online Marketing. these group of people can work hard to convert their god gifted skills to marketable skills. Study to get the desired technological, professional skills.  and then can start their journey for online business. I am not saying that just motivational skills is enough to start an online business but it is a big plus. If they can work hard to start an online business for online earning then they can.

At last, anyone can start an online business if he has talent, but just tried to mention few groups who has showed their creativity, willingness and success in past.

Thanks every one, have a happy day. cheers 🙂

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