Why I Care about Personal Branding

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It is now time to begin a new phase of my business journey as I launch my personal blog. A personal blog loses its importance if you do not have any commercial or professional objectives you aim to achieve. Nevertheless, if you still have something important and useful to share then it can still be an important tool and can generate excitement when you are creating your personal blog.

I am an online marketing professional and a small business entrepreneur and I have been working in this field for the past 4 years. My online marketing business has been in operation for the last 3 years. Throughout this journey I have learnt a lot of things and experienced many challenges and precious moments of joy. I think I have matured enough in the business to share useful information to my valued readers and express my thoughts in a way that newbies can get the best information and advice so that they can learn, experiment, and grow. I can also provide lots of useful information for more experienced professionals and learn from them at the same time.

A few months ago, I read a quote by Zig Ziglar (a great American motivational speaker who died last year).

 “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

This is the quote which inspires my decision to work on personal branding.

In this article, I will mention some of the ways this blog can help me and how personal branding can help someone in their business.

More Opportunity:

Content has turned into the biggest weapon in online marketing. It could be text based content, it could be video content, presentation, or images. Search engines and social media have also become the main source of growing your customer base. What do people on social media and search engines do? They search for content and products and share them within their online networks. So a personal blog can definitely increase opportunities for creating more content and achieving more shares and exposure.

It Can Make Me Unique

Creating content for a corporate blog has some serious limitations which may cause a problem in expressing your true personality and real creativity. In contrast, in a personal blog you can have fun and also provide content that’s outside your main area of expertise. You can send clearer and more consistent messages to your readers and clients. Thus, a personal blog can enable me share my unique thoughts using unique and creative presentations.

It Can Allow Me to Say More About Behind the Scene

behind the sceneEveryone knows you need quality products to run a successful business. It is also beneficial if the creator describes how s/he came up with the product and the steps taken to assure and maintain high quality. Hence, my personal blog will help me share more about what my team and I do behind the scenes to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. It will help me describe the common and uncommon problems I have faced through the last 4 years , how I felt at the time, and who came to my aid during those moments.

It Will Help Me to Differentiate

Professional life is all about competition. Many are afraid to face this and some view it as a challenge. You should always strive to bring these two groups together to work as an effective team. You should always have a plan to grow together because you cannot close the gap by yourself. When you are in trouble you will need others to stand beside you and solve any arising issues. However, if you did not do anything to grow the industry you will find yourself on your own. But if you worked to grow with other professionals, even if they are your competitors you will never be alone. Your competitors are actually your friends since they motivate you to become better at what you do. They will encourage you to go the extra mile, to become more innovative, to create more customer value, and to differentiate yourself to achieve your desired success and celebrate together.

It Will Help Me to Express My Expertise

A personal blog helps you search for new clients and creates a platform where clients can approach you when they need assistance. This personal blog will definitely help me grow my customer base and create a professional network where we can all mutually grow together. As an online marketer, I need to have an idea what my peers and contemporaries are doing and find new innovations to try out and see how they can work for me and my clients.

It Can Help To Grow My Network

Growing of a network is always helpful for all parties. Everyone has something new which you can learn from them and each new piece of knowledge can help you grow, have new hope, and start a new journey in your life and business. So whatever you are doing, whatever your level of success, your network will always have something new for you either for long term or instant benefits.

It Will Help Me to Learn More

Each and every post on my blog will have something you can learn from. Writing is not an easy task and I am not a writer either. But maintaining my blog will definitely help me become more organized and better qualified with more new things to learn. Hence, by sharing my experiences and marketing tricks I will be learning new things too.

I think there are many more benefits I will attain and I know I will face some challenges too, but I am sure my personal branding will benefit you in the same way it will benefit me. So let’s see how the journey goes. Last but not least, do not forget to wish me a happy birthday (11th September).

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