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Check Google Ranking with These 7 Incredible Tools

Do you really check your keywords ranking position every week or month? If you are not tracking it, you are definitely loosing many opportunities. In other words, I can say that you may fall in difficulty. Even few years ago SEO was kind of win or not win thing – nothing to lose from it. [...]

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15 Small Business Tools Saved My Big Bucks (Part 2)

If you are not using tools then you are missing lots of opportunities. You don’t know there are lots of tools that can boost your productivity and business growth. And you don’t need to pay for every tool. Almost every tool has free membership option with limited features. Last week I wrote about 6 tools [...]

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15 Small Business Tools Saved My Big Bucks (Part 1)

If you are running a business you can’t feel that yes I am done. Actually you will never be done. You can always do better or poorer but you can’t be done. For example, 10 years ago people were using phones just for talking. But the business owners / inventors didn’t feel that they are [...]

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Who Else Wants Cross-Sell by 5 Minute Drilling (Real Life Example)

Getting fast sell depends on your traffic source, strength, and sales page. Your customer bought your product / service because they believed or hoped you can deliver a good product or service. But getting a sell from same customer depends on […]

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How to Increase Social Shares (Step by Step)

Before digging deep into the procedure of increasing social shares, first I want to write why you need social shares. Social shares will help you become more visible on social media, and that means more visitors and more customers, but this is not all it’s about. You may already know that search engine is one [...]

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12 Proven Small Business SEO Tips (Disclosed)

SEO is the primary source of getting targeted traffic that leads to maximum sales. But the problem is in ranking, only one site can keep position 1. So if someone is getting ranks it means another is losing ranks. Just like in a race. That’s why the competition plays the vital role and small businesses [...]

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Read The Week – Episode 2 (August 29 to September 04)

Do you read articles to find hidden tricks for generating more sales. If yes, how do you find valuable content? I know there are a lot more ways to find valuable content like email subscription, social media etc. Recently I have arranged an easier way to get most effective Internet Marketing articles each week. That [...]

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Read The Week – Episode 1 (August 21 to August 28)

I am very excited to share some cool stuff with you. It is the first episode of my Read the Week, so I deserve some excitement and you deserve some great screened articles. I was a little busy with my regular work load, with some new amazon product, but I kept working to upgrade my [...]

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The Introduction to READ THE WEEK

As an internet marketer since 2010 I have been reading many books and blog posts, watching videos, listening to hundreds of podcasts and many more. I know how important it is to keep myself updated. But the fact is that not all posts are worth reading. Finding the best peace of content requires time and [...]

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8 Smarter Keyword Research You Didn’t Think

Keyword research is a simple math. Go to keyword planner, do some search around the top keywords, create a list and filter the list based on the search volume, relevancy and competition. It’s done. Still confused! Check this article how to do keyword research. So the primary formula is very simple, but it’s not all [...]

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